The O2 - London's new sporting hub PDF Print E-mail
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Situated in South-East London is The O2, home of a 21,000 capacity arena, which opened in 2007 and has had a phenomenal impact on London.

It didn't always look that way though. After originally launching as the Millennium Dome, the site was left empty in 2001; an expensive white elephant, and a...

Sportel experts explore Chinese OTT growth prospects PDF Print E-mail
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The market for paid online sports video in China with its over 700 million internet users will continue to grow and has the potential to transform sport in China, ambulance according to participants in a panel session at the 27th annual...

Drone Racing League CEO on creating a sport millennials will watch PDF Print E-mail
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New sports don't come up often, and when they do they can take years to reach TV screens. Which makes the rise of the Drone Racing League, who have just signed TV deals with Sky, ESPN and 7Sports, even more remarkable. The movement only started in 2012, just four years later a pro league with a substantial TV deal is in place.

Arguably it's the first new sport to arise...

eSports on the NBA's agenda PDF Print E-mail
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Lebron_JameseSports - video game competitions that are played in arenas much like athletic sporting events - are currently undergoing a level of growth most traditional sports can only dream of.

It has been transformed from a minor...

SPECIAL REPORT: Engaging with fans all year round PDF Print E-mail
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It’s the age-old question – how do you keep fans engaged during the offseason?

While the NFL regular season and play-offs take up a significant period of the yearly calendar, it’s still difficult to keep fans engaged with the team or league when the players down tools for a good few months.

Hussain Naqi is...

Southampton's Les Reed cautions clubs heading into China PDF Print E-mail
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Man_Utd_ChinaSouthampton's Executive Director of Football Les Reed has cautioned clubs heading into China that they should think carefully on what they are trying to achieve.

Almost all major European football clubs are trying to tap into the emerging football market in China. La Liga's Marketing Director Alfonso Bara admitted he'd never seen anything like it...

EXCLUSIVE: Match fixing a key issue for UEFA PDF Print E-mail
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The head of UEFA's disciplinary and integrity unit, Emilio García, has outlined how seriously the organisation is taking match fixing, calling it 'a vital issue'.

García oversees all disciplinary matters at UEFA, calling himself 'the ugly face of the company', as his unit hands out suspensions and penalties to players and teams.

But while on the field...

'I've never seen anything like it in my life' - La Liga Marketing boss on China growth PDF Print E-mail
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La Liga's marketing director  admitted China's recent rapid, high profile growth into the global football market was unlike anything he had ever witnessed in his career.

A mass land grab is underway in China as European brands try to take advantage of more and more Chinese football fans coming online, looking to interact with European leagues. Bara admitted the...

Special Report: The cyber challenge PDF Print E-mail
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Sports clubs and brands have spent a lot of money beefing up their security in order to secure their assets. However, like many other industries, cyber security can occasionally be overlooked.

A special...


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