Sports Marketing
How Damaging is an Adidas Decision to Pull its Athletics Sponsorship? - Simon Chadwick PDF Print E-mail
Sports Marketing


Adidas has reportedly decided to terminate its sponsorship deal with the IAAF, the governing body of world athletics, amid negative publicity around allegations of doping and corruption.

The 11-year deal was set to end in 2019, and according to the BBC, 

English Premier League Sponsorship and the Effective Use of Social Media - Seven League PDF Print E-mail
Sports Marketing

SevenLeagueBlogMillions of people getting thousands of messages, viagra mostly on their mobile, unhealthy from when they wake up in the morning to turning the light off at night… how on earth does anyone cut through all that noise and get their message heard?

Sports marketing, particularly through sponsorship, continues to be one of the most effective ways for a brand to reach an engaged global audience.

Read the full blog by digital consultancy Seven League HERE.

Loyalty’s Golden Rules - Steven Falk PDF Print E-mail
Sports Marketing

StevenFalkCroppedBritish Airways has announced radical changes to its Avios air miles scheme. Economy class tickets will earn 75% fewer air miles while business and first class will earn 66% more.

In practice, the new rules mean an economy class ticket from London to New York will earn 865 air miles down from 3,458. Meanwhile, a business class...

Personal Logos, Brands & World Domination - Steven Falk PDF Print E-mail
Sports Marketing

StevenFalkCroppedAndy Murray’s new personal logo is a little too Third Reich in style for my taste.

That’s not to say it isn’t a good piece of graphic design or that it won’t be tremendously successful in helping to capitalise on the commercial potential of his success on the court.

However, the suggestion that the 2013 Wimbledon...

Chalk & (very expensive) Cheese - Steven Falk PDF Print E-mail
Sports Marketing

StevenFalkCroppedNothing more exemplifies the difference in business strategy between Manchester’s two Premiership football clubs than City’s investment in satellite clubs based in New York and Melbourne.

The desire to create a global franchise by expanding the reach of the City brand to...

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