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Philippe Collin Delavaud

Philippe Collin Delavaud is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SportsHub Pte Ltd, the company responsible for financing, developing and operating the upcoming landmark Singapore Sports Hub.

Collin Delavaud, who assumed this position in late 2010, is responsible for the strategic issues during the construction period, and to prepare the Opening of this unique hub in close relationship with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the partners involved in the Project.

Collin Delavaud has worked in a variety of leadership roles over his 30 years as a CEO or CFO, most recently spearheading Consortium Stade de France (CSDF), the company operating the world-renowned Stade de France. In this capacity, he oversaw a series of joint ventures and partnerships; he played a part in transforming the local sports and entertainment landscape and defined the role of the Stadium Operators as key to the overall development of a sporting and leisure venue.

Collin Delavaud was also involved at high-level large civil works or construction contracts, real estate developments as well as leading Information Technology or Telco companies.

By Martin Laurence

You recently spearheaded the CSDF company operating the Stade de France. What are the main differences between effective running of both arenas?

Sports Hub  is not only an Arena, but a full Sports Park with a Stadium like Stade de France and in addition including an Aquatic and Water Sport Facility, an Indoor Arena, 2 Sport Halls, Office and Medical Facilities for Elite preparation and a 350,000 sq ft Shopping Mall. My position will cover all these domains and will therefore be more diversified than my position at Stade de France, so it’s a very exciting opportunity.


How difficult has the transition been in leading a team operating a major stadia in your native France to your new project in Singapore?

The transition has been easy as Singapore welcomes its new comers very warmly and it is good to do business here.


How closely does your role require you to liaise with the Singapore Sports Council to ensure the successful delivery of the Sports Hub?

We have a partnership with the Singapore Sports Council and therefore we work with them on a daily basis.


What would you say are the most significant relationships and progresses that you have made with stakeholders in the project?

Essentially, Sports Hub stakeholders are from various countries (Singapore, UK, France, US) as well as across many industries – the Sports Hub is their only link. My priority is to build a team that works on Design, Communications, Event Bidding and Sponsorships all with the same strategies and objectives. We have made great progress to date working as a team – though like a coach I need to provide direction and motivation to all the ‘players’ on an ongoing basis.


Does your role entail targeting partnerships on a national scale or is a global approach more important?

We are targeting all – both International ly for Global Partnerships and nationally in Singapore with local associations and organisations.  This is our remit stipulated by the Singapore Sports Council.


The project is obviously a huge one and looks set to be a magnificent facility. How confident are you of completing the work on time and on budget?

In a Public-Private-Partnership, the requirements are very specific:  work is to be delivered on time, on budget with no room for failfure.   Sports Hub and DSPL, the Design and Build Contractor, will be ensuring that  everything is met on time and on budget.


With the completion date scheduled for under 3 years time, what work is currently underway on the Sports Hub and what are your targets for the end of the year?

Actually we have factored in a period of time for testing, commissioning and training of staff, so realistically we have just over 2 years to complete the build.   You will see by the end of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 that structures will be put in place to commence the steel roof construction of the National Stadium – this will be a very exciting development for everyone to see.

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