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The Arts and Culture Foundation (ACF) is proud to announce the launch of its programme,“Sport for Peace”.

ACF is enormously grateful to Mr. Saed Sarsur, CEO of Unibin, and the Sarsur family, for the donation of a 40-hectare site outside Tel Aviv, where we intend to build a sports stadium and educational centre.

The centre will be open to boys and girls from all religious backgrounds, who will be invited to come together to play football and participate in other sports activities, including tennis.

The centre will provide sports coaching of the highest level, together with educational facilities and mentoring. Each team will be made up of children and coaches from a mix of religious backgrounds.

They will work together to achieve sporting excellence and it is anticipated that they will also compete internationally against boys and girls from different countries, including the UK.

A range of educational workshops and training programmes will be provided alongside the sports facilities, so that young people can learn to work together in peace and harmony and will carry this understanding throughout their lives to help to build a better world for future generations.

ACF Israel has been active since 1991 and has had a number of very significant achievements during the course of its history.

In the autumn of 2016, we launched ACF London to enable us to further develop our activities and highlight our work to a wider international audience. It is our intention to develop strong links with organisations in the UK.

ACF London enjoys strong business leadership and acumen and the skills of a dedicated team who are experienced in charity fundraising and organisation.

The leadership in both Israel and London strongly believes that through education and participation in sporting activities, we can break down barriers and develop a new generation of world leaders with open hearts and minds.

ACF London has recently carried out a series of workshops between students at the New School in Kfar Kassem and the Hayovel School in Herzliya.

The students will be working in pairs (one Arab Student and one Jewish Student) to prepare a work of art together with the theme “Together we are Stronger”. They will also jointly submit a written submission summarising how they worked together.

The top three winning pairs will be coming to London in August for a week.

We look forward to welcoming our guests to Wimbledon for the launch of Sport for Peace and highlighting the work we are doing to promote peaceful coexistence between communities.

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