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It has been a busy start to the year for everyone at Monterosa across entertainment and sport, and following the climax of the jump season on St Patrick’s Day - The Gold Cup, we wanted to share more about what makes everything we do that little bit special. In the last few weeks we’ve launched the fan companion app for ITV Racing, a groundbreaking chatbot or ‘Happybot’ for BBC Earth that serves up personalised videos for Facebook Messenger users as well launching major updates to the Rugby7stars game for HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series which is in full swing as the world series progresses. We also have a number of fan apps running in conjunction with TV shows around the world.

So, what do all of these very different products have in common?

They are all powered by the Monterosa LViS platform.


LViS powers all of our products, and can therefore be described as the brains behind the operation. Put simply, it’s an incredibly advanced cloud platform that powers live digital interactivity for the world’s biggest sporting and TV events. The Monterosa LViS platform provides the infrastructure, analytics and live content management for high volume digital products that can't afford to fail: native apps, webapps, chatbots, wearables and multi-screen experiences. The Monterosa LViS platform is designed to be rolled out at huge scale, so when millions of fans interact with the UEFA Goal of the Tournament or I’m a Celebrity app with ITV, it doesn’t fall over.

With the Cheltenham Festival having come to an end for another year, ITV Racing’s first major outing as part of its return to Horse Racing,  downloads and usage of the app saw great engagement. The Monterosa LViS platform powers each element of this multi-faceted app: It is integrated with the ITV CMS (Content Management System), which means any content that is published by the ITV team is automatically published into the ITV Racing app. This includes news articles, galleries and videos, shareable on social media. ITV Sport Producers can quickly and easily publish polls and quizzes using the LViS platform, engaging and testing fans.

With fan interaction increasing its adoption across rightsholders and brands, we have an exciting roadmap ahead.

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