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Jeffrey HaasJeffrey Haas is the Chief International Officer of DraftKings, a leading Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) destination that is the fastest-growing company in the industry since its launch in 2012.

He oversees DraftKings’ business expansion into new markets outside the United States and manages the International operations team in the United Kingdom.

Haas is a business development veteran with more than twelve years’ experience opening markets for new gaming products around the world.

He previously managed the Discovery Channel's Interactive Group in Canada and worked as an independent consultant for numerous technology, financial, media and gaming companies.

You’ve recently come into the British market, is fantasy sports something that is popular in the UK?

“Fantasy sports have been live in the UK for more than 25 years, today there is 8 and a half million people who play fantasy sports on a traditional season long basis across most of the media companies here in the UK.

“We believe there is a fantastic opportunity for us to come into the marketplace with an evolved product that is more engaging and allows people who love fantasy sports to keep playing.”

Have the audience for Draftkings UK got different audiences than that of the American market?

“We’ve seen strong growth in the UK since our launch in early February, we’re seeing primarily come to play football, but they’re also enjoying our Golf product and NBA product and trying a broad range of sports we have available.

"We’re seeing both the American expats and British population are playing these products.”


Why do you believe companies like DraftKings have become so popular?

“People come to DraftKings because they want to be engaging in a sport they love to follow it closely and in many cases discover new sports. We provide a more enriching and engaging experience for fans of different sports  to follow along in a really compelling manner .”

“While they’re watching on TV they’re playing on DraftKings they’re seeing how their line-ups in different contests are doing and getting enjoyment from that. There sports are in the news everyday so there is a chance to discover new sports on our platform.”

Do you have plans to expand beyond your current markets?

“We’ve been planning our international expansion for over a year and a half, we’re very happy to be live in the UK and to see our business growing, our intentions are to expand further afield and that’s a work in progress.”

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