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Muriel_FPMuriel Moscardini is CEO of Fluendo, a company that enables multimedia and video on a wide variety of devices and operating systems.

Moscardini has 20 years of management experience in manufacturing and information technology companies.

She joined the Fluendo executive management team in 2008 to build its business-to-business relationships with top equipment manufacturers including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Intel and AMD, among others.

By Tariq Saleh

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into this position?

I arrived at Fluendo in 2008, I have a background of engineering and I developed my career mainly in business development on engineering activities and mainly IT for the past 10 years.

Can you describe what LongoMatch is?

LongoMatch is a video analysis tool, it’s a software intended to help coach referees; education programmes to improve work and improve the performance of their players and athletes, so it’s a software and its working on the video itself, so you can edit, draw, review playback, render new videos and it helps you work on the video to then make better decisions.

Who’s currently using the software?

We have a lot of different users. The software has been developed based on the feedback of entire communities so we have users all around the world. Today we have a little over 2000 users.

In terms of pro teams who are using the software today, we work with basketball teams such as STB Le Havre in France, the Spanish handball federation, the Belgium national soccer team is also using LongoMatch, we just signed with the Glasgow girls’ soccer team, field Hockey in India, so different teams around the world.


So the software is spread around the world and amongst amateur and pro levels. We are also proud of working with the Cesena football club in Italy in division one, we work closely with the actual coach Michele Santoni, ex video analyst at Ajax and also worked for Livorno.

He’s working with LongoMatch and we are following them really closely because they give us the feedback that using LongoMatch is really helping them, to work with the team, improve the performance and the results for now are really great, because they are gaining more points and their ranking evolved in the global ranking in Italy.

So let’s follow this and maybe we’ll come back to talk to you to see the final result at the end of the season.

What are your main targets and goals for the software going forward?

People knowing the video analysis tool environment, the environment is mature we have competition in the field, so our positioning today as a challenger is really to be a low-entry level, financially speaking, and address amateur and pro levels in all sports and provide technology to everyone.

This is the position of LongoMatch and our objective is really to become the de facto video analysis tool for everybody. We also work closely with a lot of education programmes and universities so we want to be sure that everybody has the access to the same high level of technology.


You have a coach’s ambassador programme, can you tell us a bit more about that?

It’s the philosophy of our approach of LongoMatch and the sport environment, we’re working with coaches on a daily basis but we thought that it would be interesting to really have a dedicated programme where people can apply to become an ambassador. What we define as an ambassador is a LongoMatch advocate, a LongoMatch user, a LongoMatch lover.

So there are people who really want to invest time, become a reference as a user, spread the brand, discuss and share, define the new releases, so this programme will be launched in about a month now and we will have ambassadors around the world for different sports.

What we also want is to be sure that all these ambassadors will work together to take the best out of each sport and create the best tool for the coach, the central tool that will help all of the coaches, referees, scouting agents to help them make better decisions.

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