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Jeff Monday was promoted to president of PGA Tour Canada in 2012 having served as the tour executive previously.

A 24-year veteran of the Tour, Jeff most recently served as the Tour’s senior vice president of tournament business affairs.

He oversaw the season-long evaluation of the Canadian Professional Golf Tour in 2012 before the PGA Tour agreed to assume operational control of the circuit.

The inaugural season of the revamped PGA Tour Canada begins this week with the Times Colonist Island Savings Open. 

By Ismail Uddin

You were senior executive on the Tour, what prompted you to become the PGA Tour Canada president?

Before I worked on my position at the Tour, I worked on tournament development across all of our tours. When we started taking a look at Canada, it was decided that given my experience working with one of our tours where players earn the right to get to the PGA Tour and my experience on tournament development and understanding what that entails, that it would be good for me to conduct a review of Canada, which we did last year, to determine if that was a step that we wanted to take - to extend our brand into Canada.

I did that in conjunction with another senior executive here, Paul Johnson, who is head of our strategy development. After we made the decision to move forward we were looking at our overall structure and the decision was made, given the experience that I had and the evaluation, to take the lead on PGA Tour Canada.

You’ve worked for the PGA Tour for 24 years, do you feel getting this elevated position is a sign they are repaying the faith that you have shown?

Having had the opportunity to work here for as long as I have, it’s a great atmosphere, an incredible culture, not only the PGA Tour but also the game.  I don’t know that I’m being rewarded by them as much as they’re rewarding me for having the opportunity.

It’s always exciting to get something launched and to be able to shape and mould what it’s going to look like, so it’s a pretty exciting time.

You mentioned how you had evaluated Canada before it became PGA Tour Canada, what benefits did that have once you took the job?

It enabled me to have a really nice understanding of the tournament organisations that were putting on the tournaments and it also, more importantly, gave me an opportunity to learn about the communities where the tournaments are played. I also learned about the Canadian golf market, corporate climate for sponsorship, media relations and how Canadians view the sport. It gave me a good initial understanding but there’s still plenty to learn.

How important was the PGA Tour taking over operational control in Canada?

I think, on a number of different levels, our alignment with professional golf in Canada will be beneficial both to the players and also to other affiliates and constituents that are part of the game up there.

From a player perspective, we feel that we can deliver a PGA Tour-level experience inside the ropes as well as an opportunity to reward season-long performance – the five players who will earn their cards to the Tour.

With the changes in the qualifying structure to get to the PGA Tour, whereby the Tour will now determine all 50 cards of the PGA Tour based on season-long performance, which we know is the best indicator of future success. We’re now extending that access road into PGA Tour Canada which is certainly significant for players, particularly for younger players who are just getting started, but also for the tournament organisation, sponsors, volunteers, media, hopefully we will bring the PGA Tour’s resources, knowledge and experience to enhance professional golf in Canada.

We’re also working very closely with various Canadian organisations, particularly Golf Canada, on some of the initiatives they are doing to develop not only the game, but also that next tier of top Canadian golfers who would aspire to get to the PGA Tour.

Do you find it hard for the PGA Tour to define its own identity with so many different Tours?

I think players recognise the stature of the opportunity for PGA Canada to get to their next level. Most players certainly aspire to get to the PGA Tour and any system that enables them to achieve that goal, which we feel like PGA Tour Canada is in conjunction with what we’re doing with PGA Tour Latino America, will better define that avenue for players to get there and show that they have the game to compete and win on the PGA Tour someday.

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