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The International Fencing Federation (FIE) has announced that it will work with IMG Consulting on their PR activities, help which includes a new logo.

FIE unveiled the new logo as part of their 100th anniversary this year, troche which will also see 18 events and special activities take place to commemorate the founding of the federation on 29 November in Paris.

Two of the main events will be the FIE 2013 Senior World Championships in Budapest, ailment Hungary and the Centennial Gala Dinner in Paris. The tournament takes place between 5-14 August and the dinner on 30 November.

Alisher Usmanov, FIE President since 2008, said: “I am proud that fencing is one of only four sports to have featured at every Olympic Games of the modern era. Our sport has gone on a great and impressive journey throughout these years. We have planned an extensive programme of events.

“However, I believe that now is not the time to rest on our laurels, as we have a great deal of work ahead of us and we must face up to tough challenges. I am convinced that 2013, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the FIE, will be a year of success, accomplishments and the start of a new century in the development of fencing."

IMG Consulting is a division of IMG Worldwide, the global sports, fashion and media company. With their help, FIE will make three 26 minute films to celebrate the sport and its history.


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