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SanjayRainaSanjay Raina is the Chief Operating Officer at TEN Sports.

His role requires managing the P&L of the international business, programming, production, technology, affiliate sales and syndication.

With over 18 years of experience in Consumer Durables, Entertainment, Direct to Home (DTH), Television & Media industry, Sanjay has worked with leading companies like Philips India Limited, Columbia Tristar Films, Discovery Communications, Hindustan Times Limited and Times Now.

Before joining TEN Sports, Sanjay was Sr. Vice President of Marketing with Astro Television, one of the largest pay TV broadcasters in South East Asia. He was responsible for new channel rollouts in Indonesia and Malaysia, profit center, programming, innovation, interactivity and on air promotions.

An Electronics Engineering Graduate and MBA from Pune University, his interests include Photography, Trekking, Swimming and Mountaineering. He is also a keen golfer and tennis aficionado.

Sanjay is married to Neena and they have two boys, Varun and Saransh.

By Edward Rangsi


What do you believe is the key lesson that you have learnt throughout your time in broadcasting?

The key lesson we have learnt is to be extremely active on your feet and to be very decisive. It’s not necessarily that you have to have pockets full of money, although everybody in this game needs to have some money, but much more important is the decisiveness that you have to exhibit. To make quick decisions and relationships are amazingly important. This business doesn’t give you any time to decide.

How are TEN Sports funded?

It is a broadcasting business that we are in, so we generate revenues internationally through affiliate and syndication sales. In India, we do this through a variety of business models.

Would TEN Sports consider taking over “smaller” channels?

Organic groups keep happening, but it’s all about rights, which are all time-bound. Buying a network is essentially only buying rights for a certain period of time. One would prefer to build a channel up through its own brand growth and then keep adding on to that, rather than buying small networks.

You’re a hugely popular channel in the Indian subcontinent, what needs to be done to make it a global channel?

It’s very simple, you need global money! If you have the money to bid for rights, you can always go global. You have to go beyond the contours of your boundaries and demographics to succeed globally. Then, you have got to then decide whether you would like to earn that kind of money. You’ll either see very few or no companies at all that have global rights, only continental rights.

Certainly, if you want to go global, you can only do so with a couple of sports; football and cricket. Both don’t come cheap! Cricket might only be a sport in about twelve countries, but that’s enough. Clearly, football is the only sport that travels the length and breadth of the world. I can’t think of any other game with such popularity. We show the Champions League, Indian football, some European club channels, and we had La Liga until this year, but that’s all restricted to the Indian sub-continent.

Has the economic growth of India and the Middle East had an effect on TEN Sports’ performance?

The economic growth in the country has nothing to do with entertainment or media assets. The channel keeps growing because people want to consume entertainment and sports. Our growing network continues to do very well and we are very strong in India, as well as other regions, which we reach with our cricket channel.

The growth in India is a factor that needs to be questioned because people believe the country is not doing well, but it still does deliver about 6-7% GDP growth, which is very large.

Everything is growing; the stock market is now rebounding and the economic environment is looking positive. I must eloquently caution here that all the media companies are doing well because the advertising sales scenario is very positive- people are happy and people are spending. And, with the digitalisation which is likely to happen in India very soon, we do expect a lot of companies who enter the market to generate much more cash and much more revenue through subscription.

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