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GreenBayPackersNew Amsterdam Spirits have announced they have renewed their sponsorship with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL).

"We are delighted to further our partnership with the Green Bay Packers and bring their fans the best in-stadium experience," said Gerard Thoukis, Senior Director of Marketing for New Amsterdam Spirits. "The past year was successful for both New Amsterdam and the Packers, and we look forward to being a part of another exciting season."

In addition to branding in the Tundra Tailgate Zone, the sponsorship also includes special events, autographed items for promotions, and the use of official team marks and logos for consumer retail promotions. New Amsterdam's partnership with the Packers corresponds with sponsorship agreements with three additional professional football teams this year.

"The Packers take pride in offering our fans an excellent game day experience," said Craig Benzel, Director of Marketing and Corporate Sales for the Green Bay Packers. "Our partnership with New Amsterdam allows us to offer our adult fans a premium product as they cheer the Packers on."

New Amsterdam have been busy in the NFL sponsorship market of late after extending deals with the Minnesota Vikings and the Oakland Raiders.

Data Warehouse Manager - AMB Sports + Entertainment (Atlanta, GA)

05-23-2017 04:04 pm

Position SummaryAMB Sports & Entertainment (AMBSE) seeks a highly motivated person who will oversee data strategy and the mapping of data flows, with the goal of ensuring the reliability, integrity, and quality of data for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Whether you want to transition into a sports career or advance your current sports career, we encourage you to apply. If taking raw data from disparate sources and structuring it in a way that can empower the rest of the organization is exciting to you, then this role will be a fun, fast-paced way to apply your current skills and develop new ones, while aiding in the opening of a new stadium and the growth of two major sports franchises. The person in this role will manage the existing data environment, which includes guiding data strategy, expanding the data warehouse to include new sources, and managing data vendors. He or she will also deep-dive into data quality issues that arise and will work to consistently provide clean and de-duplicated customer records for use in multiple systems and departments throughout the organization. This position reports to the Director of Business Analytics, and will work closely with other analytics team members, IT team members, and leaders across the business. Roles and ResponsibilitiesManage AMBSE’s data environment and ensure data reliability/integrity/quality in support of a wide range of business initiatives: fan engagem... Read More...

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I think that the shift towards playing the games at 9.30am ET in the States makes it more likely that there will be one eventually, the NFL has spotted a whole new place in the schedule to put NFL games. What I can't see, at least in the medium term, is Wembley being filled on 8 Sundays a season, even at £30 per ticket. The tipping point is going to be 4 or 5 games per season, in my view
Last replied by Richard O'Hagan on Friday, 30 January 2015
Mark Cuban is a guy who likes to speak his mind and shake things up. The NFL is very unlikely to implode in 10 years, as he no doubt well knows. I'm not sure greed always turns against you at all - or else the big leagues and players wouldn't be where they are generally. Look at rights fees and salaries. Greed is not by any means confined to the NFL. And while I understand his comments about health risks and helmet technology from a personal viewpoint - the danger probably makes top-level football more attractive to many fans.
Last replied by Jay Stuart on Tuesday, 25 March 2014
Your assessment is right that Mr. Khan's purchase of Fulham certainly suggests that he may have a "London strategy". If so, then what is the potential end game? If Mr. Khan is going to move the Jacksonville Jaguars to London where would they play? They could become an anchor tenant at Wembley Stadium or they could try to utilise Craven Cottage. The opportunity to use the Olympic Stadium seems to have gone now that West Ham United have secured the tenancy. The answer to this may depend upon Mr Khan's aspirations for both the Jacksonville Jaguars (will they become the London Leopards?) and Fulham FC. Even with a stadium expansion under way, Craven Cottage, with a 30,00 capacity is a relatively small stadium for football (soccer) and would be even smaller for NFL football. There are so many people standing at the side of an NFL match that many seats would not have a view of the match and therefore the effective capacity for Craven Cottage would have to be reduced. So the options appear to be a (relatively) expensive Wembley or an unsatisfactory Craven Cottage...... unless Spurts can build their stadium to accommodate NFL and can do a deal with Mr Khan? Or maybe Mr. Khan will build a new combined stadium for Fulham and the London NFL franchise. We know from Chelsea and others, that finding a sizeable piece of land in London is not easy however,if he could Mr. Khan might just have a commercial model and business plan which can justify the investment. This is exciting for Fulham fans as suddenly their homely little club can attain substance and status. As part of a very attractive sports organisation including Premier League football and NFL football they will be a force to be reckoned with. But we will need to adjust our thinking as Fulham will no longer be "punching above their weight", they will have arrived and will need to maintain Premier league status to justify Mr Khan's investment. Personally, although it is not going to be easy, I think the Mr. Khan is embarking on a very exciting journey. We will soon find out if he is merely a sports fan, an opportunist, a true visionary - or all three.
Last replied by Michael Cunnah on Wednesday, 17 July 2013
Congratulations on your recent appointment Ben! Looking forward to seeing NFL taking rapid strides in UK.
Last replied by Bharath Shastry on Thursday, 06 December 2012
The NFL Pro Bowl should kick off Super Bowl festivities in the host city during the week prior to the game. It should be looked at more as a fan interactive event where the players showcase their skills, have a “mini game” and interact with fans in various ways. There is a value to the league in bringing all it’s super stars together in one place to celebrate the game and their efforts, however the format needs to evolve into more of an entertainment and fan engagement opportunity
Last replied by Lou Imbriano on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 filesmonster