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Review: 2013 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final 04:31
2013-11-20 16:46:56
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Li_NaChinese Tennis sensation Li Na has renewed her endorsement contract with casino and resort operator Crown for a further two years in a multimillion-dollar deal to promote the company to its Asian customers.

The company has sponsored Li Na since September 2011, the same year the Chinese star won her first grand slam tournament, the French Open.

Crown executive chairman James Packer said the deal was a way of strengthening the company’s brand in Asia and was its most important sports sponsorship.

“The Henry report into the Asian century commissioned by previous prime minister Gillard actually showcased Crown as being one of the best Australian companies in terms of engaging with Asia already,” Mr Packer said in Beijing on Monday.

“But for us to have an association with the most popular athlete in the biggest country in the world is an honour, really.

“I don’t think anyone personifies the rise and success of China in a sporting sense more than Li Na.”

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It would appear that the ATP is still not entirely happy with the financial side, their press release states the increase is "appreciated" and they are "committed to continuing discussions on this issue, with the objective of ensuring that players' share of the revenues... truly reflects the value that they generate for the event". They are also unhappy about the moving of the mens final to the Monday night and will continue to press USTA to keep it on a Sunday in line with the other Grand Slams. It looks like this one still has some time to run?
Last replied by Stephen Dunham on Wednesday, 19 December 2012
There will likely be a lot of negotiation behind the scenes as to the distribution of the increased prize money. What is important, in my viewpoint, is arriving to a scenario which is beneficial to players and the game at large. It would be optimum if there is contribution to the ITF and national bodies to make professional entry level tournaments rewarding so as to cover expenses for buddying players as well. Grand Slams create fantastic resources that need to be administered wisely for the growth of the sport, and young players right out of the juniors need opportunities to test competition grounds. Please visit me at
Last replied by Oscar Wegner on Friday, 05 October 2012
Andy Murray certainly has a huge opportunity to boost his earning potential. Of course, tennis players (and indeed all sportsmen) will always say "it's not about the money" and of course, for the most part, that is true. But to say that top sportsmen do not think about their earnings would surely be a lie! Murray has an opportunity to dominate the men's game for the next couple of years, with Nadal injury-prone and Federer (slowly) fading. This would surely further boost Murray's earning power. Things can change though. One bad injury or a sudden loss of form can change how sponsors see him. When Del Potro won the US Open three years ago, he was tipped to break the Nadal/Federer stranglehold, having beaten them both to win the title. He got an injury he is still seemingly recovering from and hasn't been able to consistently challenge since. Things can change, but the initial signs look positive for Mr Murray.
Last replied by Douglas Elder on Wednesday, 26 September 2012
As a tennis fan I enjoy them all, however for me Wimbledon provides the most excitement. I don't always manage to watch much of the Australian or US open predominantly because of the time difference but also I feel that the US Open is more of a spectacle event. In a sport where silence is usually preserved and somewhat preferred, the US open can't help to play music and entertain the stadium to unite the crowd, a routine that comes with most American sports. Wimbledon offers us a completely different atmosphere, you could hear a pin drop when play is resumed, the whole crowd silent and even when the end of the commentators sentence interferes with the start of play makes me tut. As Mark said, Wimbledon is historic. Having had the privilege to work as a ball girl in 2005 I got to experience not only some of the best tennis I have ever seen but also felt as if I was part of a prestigious club, everything was done with precision and professionalism and it was clear that this was a reputation The AELTC wanted to keep up and I think it has throughout the years. Whenever the players are interviewed whether it be before are during the Championships they are never shy to say that Wimbledon is always the tournament they look forward to and of course is one that they all want on their trophy cabinet. I would choose Wimbledon but I guess I am partially biased. However each tournament has a different style and meaning to it which keeps us tennis fans entertained though the year.
Last replied by Chloe Lloyd on Wednesday, 12 September 2012
Andy Murray makes a good point here...yes, he actually said something. He says that women can also compete in doubles as well more easily than men. Statistics suggest it is much easier for a woman to win in both singles and doubles than a man. So women earn equal pay AND have more opportunities. Secondly, more sets for men, you would think this is a given? Not many women are clamouring for five set would think they would. That said, a recent US Open FOURTH ROUND GAME finished 6-0 6-0 to Serena Williams, imagine another set of that. So essentially, men are not being paid the same as women...they are being paid less! I'm not anti-women or anti-equality...well I am here but it makes sense here!
Last replied by Douglas Elder on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 filesmonster