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Would my sport follow the action of the NBA following the HB2 decision? The answer is "I'd like to believe so as the HB2 bill is farcical". However, traditionally both the decision makers from within motorsport - the FIA and the various rights owners within motorsport have always opted to stay out of matters of politics and policy and focus on running the sport.
Started by Jay Stuart.
Personally, I think the London Olympic Games were really friendly, maybe having a language advantage made things a lot easier. Everyone in the city was volunteer, and we have retained long term relationships with our assistants and keep in touch even now! Of course, we (UIPM) were able to turn those volunteers/assistants and spectators into fans of Modern Pentathlon, that might be the bigger legacy in terms of our sport and the organization, they are sending their thoughts to us from time to time on recent UIPM development, they follow us and that’s really good thing.
Started by Jay Stuart.
With the increasing use of '3 screens' for following sport and entertainment advertisers and sponsors will win share of mind by planning engaging digital content as part of their campaigns. It is increasingly the case that viewers will seek to share content and commentary via social media and brands need to be part of the conversation. It is important to be timely, entertaining, thought provoking and relevant to avoid being ignored.
Started by Jay Stuart.
I believe Professor Boykoff's concept it might be viable; however, in my humble opinion this concept would bring smaller impact and legacy in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. For example, if you apply this concept to the Paralympic Games: only these few cities would develop accessible infrastructures, transport and sporting venues; generations and generations from the rest of the World wouldn't be exposed to live unforgettable Paralympic sporting performances, which have proved in both London 2012 and Sochi 2014 to bring attitudinal changes to society regarding people with a disability; moreover, it would reduce the number of opportunities for a more inclusive sport and society worldwide. As you can understand, this is my opinion and not the opinion of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).
Started by Jay Stuart.
It is always a question of balance I guess Christian. Going back to the objectives of management, Growth and Development of the Sport for the mid to long term or the maximisation of revenue? An interesting footnote is that in the Windies Cricket World Cup a decision was made not to broadcast games in the local territory as it was felt the stadiums would be empty! A bit of an extreme example and obviously very small populations but interesting.
Started by Christian Radnedge.
The novelty made it OK on Sunday, and could be argued to have been of tactical importance, especially for the Netherlands. We wrote about the opportunity it presented when first mooted back in April. Interestingly RTE did introduce a planned commercial break, which had gone to tender in advance, and showed the Lucozade Sport 'Steven Gerrard Melting' ad. Smart context if only he had still been in South America. ITV did not cut away which looks like a lost revenue opportunity.
Started by Jay Stuart.
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