Does MLS Offer Better Value for Investors?

Discussion started by Jay Stuart , on Wednesday, 03 August 2016 11:52

The the price of a Major League Soccer franchise is going to jump to about $200 million the next time the league expands, according to MLS Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott. To put that in perspective, KPMG’s most recent list of the top European clubs puts teams like Valencia, Monaco, Marseille and Porto in roughly that sort of valuation ballpark. And they all rank among the 30 most valuable in Europe. So, it looks as if it might not be long before MLS teams will be worth more than big ’uns in Europe – other than the biggest like Manchester United or Barcelona, of course, and there aren’t many of those. MLS currently has 20 clubs. It aims to expand to 28. Maybe the question is a bit simplistic – but why should serious international investors put money into a European club, even a Champions League contender like Valencia or Monaco, when you can buy a new MLS franchise the same money (and never have to worry about relegation)?

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