What do you think of the NBA pulling its All-Star Game from North Carolina?

Discussion started by Jay Stuart , on Friday, 22 July 2016 11:21

The NBA has decided to move its 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte in opposition to a North Carolina state law (called HB2) that invalidated local anti-discrimination protection for LGBT people. The league sad: "While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2." The league said it might go back to Charlotte in 2019 if the situation changes. In effect, the NBA would seem to be saying that if North Carolina changes the law it might get the game back. Do you agree with the move? Do you think sport should be doing more of this sort of thing? Where would like to see sport flexing its ethical muscle more effectively?

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Mark Hughes
Would my sport follow the action of the NBA following the HB2 decision? The answer is "I'd like to believe so as the HB2 bill is farcical".

However, traditionally both the decision makers from within motorsport - the FIA and the various rights owners within motorsport have always opted to stay out of matters of politics and policy and focus on running the sport.
297 days ago
Chuck Lantz
I have strong family ties to North Carolina, and spend two or three weeks there every year. As an "adopted Tarheel" by marriage, I bleed Carolina Blue.

That being said, I applaud the NBA's decision to move the All-Star game to another location in reaction to HB2, which is an ugly, hate-mongering piece of legislation that should never have been considered, let alone passed into law.

I can only hope that other organizations will follow the NBA's lead and show those who support HB2 that there will be real consequences for hatred and for those who enable it.
304 days ago
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