What has been the greatest positive impact of the London 2012 Olympics?

Discussion started by Jay Stuart , on Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:13

We heard some fascinating panel insights at the Olympic Special Directors’ Club on Monday. At a distance of four years, what do you think has been the greatest positive impact of the London 2012 Games? Where do you think the London Olympics project has delivered most effectively on the promises and potential of hosting the Games?

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Shiny Fang
Personally, I think the London Olympic Games were really friendly, maybe having a language advantage made things a lot easier. Everyone in the city was volunteer, and we have retained long term relationships with our assistants and keep in touch even now!

Of course, we (UIPM) were able to turn those volunteers/assistants and spectators into fans of Modern Pentathlon, that might be the bigger legacy in terms of our sport and the organization, they are sending their thoughts to us from time to time on recent UIPM development, they follow us and that’s really good thing.
299 days ago
Rob Fildes
As former President of Athletics Austrailia, the main point that I would make, is the size of the Australian track and field team, being 61 athletes, with a very large number going to their first Olympics.

The ground swell of outstanding young track and field athletes can in a large part be traced back to the commencement of the Australian Junior championships which Athletics Australia commenced in 2010. These Championships were recommenced, after a long break, to be independent of the All-Schools Championships to be held on an annual basis with around 2,000 of Australia’s outstanding young athletes competing, the best of whom compete at the World Youth Championships Under 18 and World Junior Championships Under 20.

Also the high performance programmes that Athletics Australia introduced during my tenure are bearing fruit.

The sport continues to lack enough funding to support our best athletes and it is a matter that I have raised with the Australian Sports Commission and also the Australian Olympic Committee.

The financial discrepancy between Olympic sports and professional sports continues to widen.

Following the Rio Olympics we must encourage and support the successful young athletes who are most likely to do very well at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

With the elevation of Jared Talent to gold medal in the 50km Walk, Australia leapt over Germany in the London Olympics ranking to eighth. Track and field athletics had a successful London Olympics unlike most of our teams. This was contrary to the disappointment of so many Australian teams at the London Olympics.

Athletics actually won more gold medals in London than swimming. Our seven medals over the last two Olympics is equal to sailing.

I continue to be disappointed about the lack of recognition of the success of track and field athletics in Beijing and London.

Rio of course will be challenging for the entire Olympic team due to the difficulties and challenges which are being reported in our media.
300 days ago
Lou Lauria
The London 2012 Paralympic Games as they took the event to another level in every sense. There was a real opportunity here, given GB being the spiritual home of the Paralympic Movement, and LOCOG fully leveraged this to help differentiate London 2012 from other host cities. The Olympic Games are very heavily leveraged across most areas and the opportunities for growth are somewhat limited. The Paralympic Games still provide room for real growth and London 2012 is the best example. The smart use of temporary venues in iconic city settings and the images they provided are a legacy that will live on. They were great Games.
301 days ago
Lee Bailey
Whilst London 2012 has left a very strong legacy of inspiring medal winners & infrastructure and facilities I think one of the biggest impacts has been around the use, value, recognition & inspiration of volunteering. The GamesMakers were, rightly, lauded at the time by adding so much to the sport events themselves. The great news though is that has been carried on through Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup 2015 in England. Suddenly events organisers are being over subscribed by people wanting to help improve the quality of their event which can only be good in the long run for event organisers and sponsors alike.
304 days ago
Nigel Currie
Hi Andrew/Jay,

I think the greatest positive impact of London 2012 has been in massively raising the profile and status of the Olympics in the UK.

Because of the increased scrutiny of a home games, there was so much attention focused on areas of the Games and individual sports that previously didn’t receive in-depth exposure in the media. I think it’s developed a very much greater awareness of the personal struggles and sacrifices that individual athletes make in order to appear at the Games.

This has continued as the Rio Games approach and I have noticed in particular that regional media are taking a huge interest in their athletes and covering in some depth, their journey to get selected for Rio. I also think it has had a big impact for fitness and sports which are relatively easy for everyday people to get involved in. this has been particularly true for cycling and running.
306 days ago
Andrew Shelley
Every sport strives to improve its’ presentation and staging. We look at what other sports do, as well as the innovators and leaders in our own. So, to have had the superb staging and presentation, broadcast, management and so on of 26 sports, some of which are outside our normal orbit, was a feast of stimulation.

Away from the sports themselves, the volunteering has changed that landscape, as we have seen in following events.

311 days ago
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