How Should Advertisers Use Second Screens During BBC’s Ad-Free Olympics?

Discussion started by Jay Stuart , on Friday, 08 July 2016 07:31

British advertisers can benefit from the Rio Olympics this summer even though the Games will be aired on BBC. There will be no TV commercials, but 64% of viewers will use an internet-connected device at the same time, according to a new survey by RadiumOne. How can advertisers use the second screen to reach an audience they can’t get on television? This question doesn’t just apply to the Olympics. Any brilliant ideas?

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Karen Morris
With the increasing use of '3 screens' for following sport and entertainment advertisers and sponsors will win share of mind by planning engaging digital content as part of their campaigns.

It is increasingly the case that viewers will seek to share content and commentary via social media and brands need to be part of the conversation.

It is important to be timely, entertaining, thought provoking and relevant to avoid being ignored.
318 days ago
Richard Smith
I don’t see a one size fits all solution. Video is the most effective mobile platform, but consumers remain resistant to interruption. 8 in 10 mute ads. 6 in 10 are put off by enforced pre-roll ads and 9 in 10 have considered ad blockers.

For the bold, scale and a wow factor can be bought but risk increases with the scale of investment. For me, better to take a long-term view and build credibility with an audience that actively seeks out and shares a brand’s opinion at the moments populations come together.

Like the athletes who dedicate every day of the year to training. A brand that builds connections through creating consistent, authentic stories throughout the year can reap the benefits when it comes to the biggest moments.
318 days ago
Thierry Sprunger
The age old theory that people would use social media to obtain additional information on the competition they are watching of the Olympic Games I believe is gone and buried. I am not persuaded that the Olympic Games in themselves give advertisers an upside into audience in comparison to normal times.
318 days ago filesmonster