NBA Jersey sponsorship - My thoughts

Discussion started by Nigel Currie , on Tuesday, 19 April 2016 14:28

The NBA jersey sponsorship deal is a radical change for the major sports in the US but it signifies an ever increasing desire for major franchises to become more financially independent.

The ability to negotiate individual agreements is very attractive as it gives the franchises' the chance to break away from the uniformity of the current structure which depends primarily on the dividing up of TV and other media rights fees among the teams.

It is another sign that the power and worth of the overall rights held by major sports clubs and franchises worldwide have been greatly undervalued and under-exploited.

The development of the internet, social media and a greater ability to use data effectively has opened up new and highly lucrative sources of additional revenue.

Of course there will be potential clashes between broadcast and media sponsors as well as clashes with agreements held by individual players, but many other major sports leagues around the world have addressed this problem and found workable solutions.

What are your thoughts?

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