CRM in Sports and Leisure Organisations

Discussion started by Jose Gigante , on Monday, 11 July 2016 08:05
Some sports and leisure organisations make good use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to run efficiently, support operations and grow their businesses. Other organisations might have CRM systems but don't really get the most out of them; others might see them as a hindrance. However, fans are happy to give away personal details to get access to exclusive content, participate in games or competitions and engage with their favourite Sports or Leisure brands. So why is CRM under-used in sports / leisure organisations?

This week I attended the interesting ThinkTank 2016 organised by Green 4 Solutions where sports and leisure organisations explained why you should embrace CRM.
Just a few interesting insights from the event:
- CRM is not cheap, rather an investment
- CRM is key to a personalised experience for fans
- CRM helps organisations have a single fan view to engage them and offer them online (tickets, merchandising, etc.) payments or micro-payments (Apps, Online Streaming, etc) via Social Media and mobile
- CRM software training is not enough, include and embed CRM in your organisational processes and procedures
- Customer Service via Social Media is increasingly important: young people want to interact with brands and adults want to ask questions before deciding on online purchases
Any thoughts?
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