Has the IPC's Russia ban gone too far?

Discussion started by Thomas Lane , on Tuesday, 09 August 2016 07:58

The IPC took a very different approach to the 'state-sponsored doping' to that of the IOC, with the Paralympic Committee deciding to issue a blanket ban to Russia as oppose to devolving the decision to the IFs. Since that announcement ANOC expressed its concern that the International Paralympic Committee’s decision will unfairly punish clean athletes. So the question is, do you think this is a victory for clean athletes or has it gone too far?


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Paola Vercesi
The decision of the IPC is another sign that this is a "double standard" edition of the Games and we all have to live with it. Some athletes have suspiciously fallen victim of the ban and some have surprisingly escaped it.
As Usain Bolt said in a recent interview, it will take some years before the sport gets cleaner.
What the IOC and the IPC are willing to do to secure (and impose) a cleaner sport the day after the Rio flame goes off will make the difference.
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Hayley Wickenheiser
I applaud the IPC, its a definitive statement and a win for clean athletes the worldwide. Brave and concise leadership and we should all applaud this motion.
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Jose Gigante
The decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is clearly a victory for clean athletes.

We are all aware of the challenges: the Zika virus, political corruption, construction delays, athlete doping and reduced number of spectators at venues. Regarding athlete doping and ban, I can understand the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision to allow individual sports federations to decide in their own competitions. Obviously, it does not tackle the issue. Taking into account how close the decision had to be made before the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, I understand it. Moreover, I am happy that Russian athletes can compete. It is really sad to hear more about ‘cold war’ news than sport news in the Media. Olympic Sport is a powerful tool for social change and as mentioned by Carl Lewis “Brazil’s critics overlook that the Rio Games will be historic by several measures”.

The IPC Governing Board led by Sir Philip Craven took seriously the report done by Richard McLaren for the World Anti-Doping Agency and decided strongly upon it. In my experience, the IPC always approaches Anti-Doping with a zero-tolerance policy and everyone involved athletes, National Paralympic Committees, and IPC Anti-Doping staff always work together to get to the bottom of each case. In this occasion, the IPC Governing Board believe that Russian athletes “They are part of a broken system and we sincerely hope that the changes that need to happen, do happen”. Therefore, a clear victory for clean athletes.

On the other hand, “All members of the IPC Governing Board have deep sympathy for Russian Para athletes who will miss out on the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games” and I believe Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will not be the same without the Russian athletes. I have seen first-hand the changes in attitude in Russia towards people with a disability and have attended the inspiring Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014. I honestly feel sorry for the hundreds of Russian athletes, officials and volunteers that have contributed immensely to the Paralympic Movement in the last decades.

I would encourage athletes, fans, Media, politicians and everyone else involved in sport to talk about the inspiring stories from Rio 2016 rather than the challenges at the Games. It is in your hands to create history for future generations by reporting on: Rafaela Silva’s gold hails from Rio’s City of God favela; (2) Kelmendi historic gold for Kosovo; Michael Phelps 19th Olympic Gold; and Felipe Almeida Wu 1st YOG athlete winning a medal in Rio.

I am looking forward to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games because their Paralympians will inspire millions of people in Brazil, South America and around the world! It is in your hands to report in September on: Markus Rehm in long jump; Team GB Superhumans inspiring Britain; Alison Levine’s inspiring young people who want to take up sports…
As mentioned by Stephen Hawking at London 2012 Paralympic Games “The Games provide an opportunity for athletes to excel, to stretch themselves and become outstanding in their field. So let us together celebrate excellence, friendship, and respect.”
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