What Does the Future Hold For Formula One as a Sport?

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Bernie_Ecclestone2Bernie Ecclestone this week accepted blame for the financial crisis that has rocked some of Formula One’s smaller teams.

F1 teams Caterham and Marussia were plunged into administration and were forced to withdraw from the US Grand Prix on Sunday as a result.

"There is too much money being distributed badly - probably my fault," said Ecclestone.

With these teams entering into administration and with an uncertain future, these words will not do them much good.

Is Ecclestone the only person to blame? Is he right to accept all the responsibility?

With an uneven distribution of revenue, the sport has created a big divide between the 'big' teams and the 'small' teams financially.

Ecclestone has called on the bigger and richer teams in F1 to make sacrifices to save the sport from imploding.

The question is why is the money being distributed badly and what does Ecclestone plan to do about it?

Will F1 become a playground for the big teams?

Where does the future of the sport lie? Having admitted fault, is Ecclestone the right man to continue to lead the sport?

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