Bernie Ecclestone buys his way out of trial – Should he step down as F1 boss?

Discussion started by Tariq Saleh , on Wednesday, 06 August 2014 14:44


Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has found himself in the spotlight once again after agreeing to pay $100 million (£60m) this week to end his bribery trial in Germany.

It appears the irony has been lost on the German judicial system, but is this one controversy and trial too far for Ecclestone?

Is he damaging the image of the sport? But most importantly, should he step down from his position as the CEO of F1?

Ecclestone is widely credited for transforming F1 into the multi-billion dollar business that it currently is, but the 83 year-old has been in the news for all the wrong reasons on numerous occasions.

Should his personal issues continue to overshadow the sport?



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Stanford Crane
I actually think Bernie has done a great job bringing F1 to a high level. It's a sport with great big egos, from the factories to the TV partners to the FIA and holding it together is a massive challenge, which Bernie has accepted and, on balance, met.

The complaints leveled at Bernie should frequently be directed at the FIA instead. The current cars sound awful, look awful and don't provide the spectacle that was Formula 1 because of the dumb rules put in place by the FIA. The same is true of the costs. Bernie has argued for years that teams should be allowed to have three cars, but the FIA rebuffed him on every occasion. Ditto in season testing.

The bribery settlement was great for the sport, although I certainly can't endorse the behavior that lead to the settlement.

Whoever replaces Bernie, eventually will have very big shoes to fill.
1022 days ago
Brian Sims
So the bribery case comes to an end.. as we probably assumed it would, with a big dollop of cash changing hands, albeit legally in Germany. Sad reality is that it does little to reassure potential sponsors. Corporates today are obsessed with perception..the views of customers, shareholders, staff and the media really do matter. I still think F1 operates within a bubble and fails to recognise this. The world has changed!

There is a real opportunity for F1 to benefit from this change and to secure substantial innovative sponsorship, but I don't think teams grasp the bigger picture.
1023 days ago filesmonster