F1 to feature a US team in 2015 - How will Gene Haas' new team improve F1 coverage in the USA?

Discussion started by Steve Moorhouse , on Monday, 14 April 2014 10:14

NASCAR’s Gene Haas has been given acceptance by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to own a Formula One team from 2015.

The confirmation follows F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone telling Forbes last week that the FIA were on the verge of making the announcement.

Haas, who is one half of the Stewart-Haas Racing team in NASCAR, has now been accepted after a period of due diligence.

The move will mark the first time a US team has been on the F1 grid since 1971, when Penske left the sport.

How do iSportconnect users envisage the news will boost the sport in the USA? Will the news attract more viewing figures from the States?

Also what can we expect from a Gene Haas team? How will his experience in NASCAR convey over into F1?

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Geoff Bye
i think its great that a US team are having a go at F1, i have to say though that i don't think it will increase the popularity of the series over there, i think that F1 needs some major changes for that to ever happen.

Bear in mind that F1 is already pretty popular in the USA with a good core following, but there will always be a "not invented here" blockage to any mass acceptance.

i sincerely hope they can do well and not just trail around at the back, question is do they know and can they learn what it takes to win in F1 compared to other series.

as for the sponsorship side i can't see many US global brands backing it, because again i don't think they understand what F1 is all about and how to really benefit from the exposure and costs involved.

F1 needs the USA but the USA doesn't need F1.

if anyone fancies putting together a British indycar team for next year gimme a shout, we could get some serious publicity with that one.

1137 days ago
Stanford Crane
I agree with Brian that a US Team is positive and hopefully they will have US drivers as well, but they may well be tempted into a rent-a-ride mentality due to the massive cost of entry into the sport. Since the demographic base of F1 it very different from NASCAR, it should present some opportunities for luxury goods and financial sponsors. Still, the cost of F1 does not translate into increased entertainment value. I think F1 has actually painted themselves into an interesting green box, which is troublesome.
1137 days ago
Brian Sims
The introduction of a US based team in F1 can only be a positive factor. It'll be interesting to find out what the response will be from the US corporate sector. Could this herald a new trend in Formula 1 for NASCAR style consumer-orientated sponsors to test the waters? Something needs to spice up the commercial involvement in F1, as new sponsors have become rather conspicuous by their absence.
1138 days ago
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