Hawk-Eye to provide technology to NASCAR – How do you think technology will be used in NASCAR?

Discussion started by Steve Moorhouse , on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 15:02

The creator and founder of the Hawk-Eye technology has confirmed that their product will be used in a “project” with NASCAR.

Because the agreement has not been officially announced, Dr. Paul Hawkins could not reveal specifically what they are doing with NASCAR and how it will be used.

There have been debates about using technology during restarts in NASCAR, with in-car technology being suggested as the solution to current problems.

Do you think this is the most likely area for Hawk-Eye to be used in NASCAR or do you think they will work together in a different area?

Having read a few articles, there seems to be a fair amount of opposition to technology being used for restarts. One article argued that in-car technology would mean drivers are watching a light in their car rather than the car in front of them, which could lead to accidents. How do you think fans will react if this is the technology being used?

My full interview with Dr. Paul Hawkins is available here

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Stanford Crane
Anything that helps NASCAR seem fresh can only help. They peaked in 2006. Actually I think this would be fabulous for hockey and lacrosse too.
1225 days ago
Jay Stuart
Well, it's presumably going to used for officiating decisions of some sort. That's what it's for. The use of this sort of technology just seems more and more inevitable with all the money that's at stake in sport nowadays. You can also look at it as adding another dimension to the television product. Look at American football with all the time that's spent on video refereeing decisions. It's something for the commentators to talk about and the technology brings the viewers that much closer to the action in a way that would seem to suit American fans, some many of whom really like to get into the fine points.
1226 days ago
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