Silverstone secures £32m development deal with MEPC – What changes do you hope for?

Discussion started by Steve Moorhouse , on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 12:01


The British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) has announced that MEPC has signed a 999-year lease to build warehouses, hotels, a technical college and a museum around the Silverstone circuit.

MEPC paid £32m for the lease and the BRDC also confirmed that a partner had been found to directly invest in the circuit and its facilities.

I want to ask iSportconnect members what you think of the news. Is the value correct and how do you think the new facilities mentioned will affect the course in terms of attracting spectators and perhaps sponsors?

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Marcel Ridyard
There is no doubt that if Silverstone is to compete with the best circuits in the world then major investment is required - from major landscaping enhancements all the way through to a new main stand and hotel complex. It is a much loved circuit but I do not feel a full vision for the place has been established. Perhaps a design and vision competition could be set up to look for ideas.
1348 days ago
Geoff Bye
from the announcement we can only assume this is to build on land around the circuit and thus will not directly affect the circuit, other than bringing a small amount of cash in to the pot. 32m is not a lot for 1000 years lease.

i honestly don't think the new facilities will have any effect on the circuit in real terms, companies will rent their units on the site and and that will be that, its a nice address and all that but really will having a few more tennants make any real difference. Oh except maybe there will be less camping areas left.

the one thing i would love to have seen would be a new airport developed on the site, i really feel a good air link directly into the heart of a race track would of been a real bonus. Car parking is sorted, a small terminal could be knocked up easily, and just bring the runway up to licence spec and were good to go. all very simplistic, but it may of been a good way to get a new airport in a non controversial already noisy place.

As for the track i still find it soul less compared to Brands and Donington and having been a guest at Las Vegas motor speedway last month, we have so much to do to catch up in terms of the entertainment, or what we think is entertainment we serve up. And we need to desperately ditch the elitist attitude to motorsports and include the public not exclude them. oh and lets get Rallycross going again, still one of the best spectator motorsports there is.

Could go on about this for ages, but will stop now as it annoys me how far behind we are the uk.

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