Does Silverstone provide value for money or is it built for speed and not vision?

Discussion started by Brian Sims , on Friday, 28 June 2013 15:08


It’s British Grand Prix time and once again the venue is that former airfield in Northamptonshire, Silverstone.

This famous circuit has produced some fascinating races over the years. Who can forget the scenes witnessed there when Nigel Mansell outwitted and outraced Nelson Piquet, with the subsequent track invasion by ecstatic British fans?

Most F1 drivers really enjoy racing there, as it represents a superb opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills in front of a knowledgeable audience.

Since the Mansell and Senna days, the circuit has undergone a lot of changes, but has it fundamentally made any difference to the paying spectators? Some of the most common criticisms about Silverstone include the walking distances from car parks, the traffic chaos, particularly if it’s wet and the high prices of food and drinks.

However, the biggest complaint is usually based on the fact that unless you sit right in front of one of the big screens, you actually see so little of the racing action. With prices this year starting from £145 and the news that tickets were still readily available right up to the start of the weekend, are we beginning to see a change in attitude of F1 fans?

Could it be that with the increase in spectator expectation levels across so many other sports, F1 fans are demanding more for their money? Are the days of traditional flat race tracks like Silverstone going to lose out to more imaginative undulating circuits built in the form of an amphitheatre?

Take Brands Hatch for example. It’s no longer an F1 venue, but it still has some of the best viewing opportunities of any circuit. Or will more people invest in the latest TV technologies and watch from the comfort of their own homes?

Do you detect major change is on the way that people spend their money watching motor racing?


What do iSportconnect users think?

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Brian Sims
As a big fan of Indycar and Nascar, having spent a lot of time in the USA motorsport scene when I was with Lola, I see exactly where you're coming from. I wish more people would make the effort to go and watch oval track racing.
1425 days ago
Stanford Crane
Let's be honest for a moment. There are no great racetracks for spectators in this modern era. I'm including COTA and Yas Marina since they are pathetic compared to modern stadiums here in America. Why? Fans today want a 360-degree immersion into the event. They want to see live and see more on their TV's and tablets. That doesn't mean sitting in front of the pits in a massive grandstand that offers you a view of little, and does so at a great distance. Yes, Spa and Monza are great tracks, but do they have hospitality suites at the key passing points? Do they have WiFi so fans can Tweet to their friends? Are their modern parking and traffic flows for fans? Are there nearby hotels and night spots for parties?

I could go on, but hey, I'm designing my own dream track, so...more later.
1427 days ago filesmonster