Blogging Will Increase Fan Avidity- Lou Imbriano

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I strongly believe that all companies, regardless of size, should support blogging on multiple levels, because a blog should be the sliding glass door to the soul of an organization. In sports, it’s even more true. Not only is it a great opportunity to engage with fans, but it’s also a mechanism to increase avidity. In sports, fans dwell at varying levels of fandom that often magnifies when a team is winning, and wanes when a team is loosing. Unfortunately, when a team leaves it to just what happens on the field, they are at a competitive disadvantage. Embracing blogging about the team in various areas will aid in the area of mimicking winning.

Just because a team may have lost in their arena of play, it doesn’t mean they are losing in all areas of the organization. It’s an owner’s job to make sure all areas of the franchise are being represented properly and receiving proper accolades. The more fans know about what an organization is achieving, the more effectively they can drive fan avidity. I fully understand that the players, coaches, and performance on the field has a dramatic effect on the fans who follow the team, but if that area is lacking, a team shouldn’t just throw up its arms in defeat.

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