More than a logo- Steven Falk

Friday, 28 September 2012

Steven Falk EC CroppedApple is officially the world’s coolest brand. It sells the most desirable products; continually updates its core offer; operates an uncompromising design philosophy; embraces the mass-market with premium pricing; and wraps itself in an outstanding retail/service proposition that invariably delivers on its promises.

Each new product launch delivers a new chapter in the brand mythology and follows the familiar pattern of frenzied media speculation culminating in secretive invitations to “an exclusive event” at which the new technology is wondrously revealed. The media always keen for an exposée seizes upon any hint of dissonance between the new technology and initial customer reaction. Invariably this is soon overwhelmed by queues of eager early adopters wishing to acquire the latest iteration of “cool”.

So what can sports brands learn from Apple?

1. Every organisation needs a vision. Apple’s is to “Think Differently”. Its mission is to define the future of mobile media and computing devices. This is how all stakeholders including the owners, management, staff, talent, fans, customers, partners and suppliers can understand the corporate objective

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