Populous Activate- helping brands engage with sport and entertainment customers- Richard Breslin

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Breslin CroppedSponsorship activation received its very own ‘how to’ guide with the agreement between AEG and O2 in 2005 for the ‘naming rights’ sponsorship of the venue formally known as the Millennium Dome. Populous Activate was born at this time in recognition of the shift we had witnessed in sport and entertainment architecture, and the influence sponsorship had on every aspect of our projects. In this month’s column, my colleague in London, Senior Principal, Nicholas Reynolds outlines what we’re doing with Populous Activate.

Sponsorship activation around O2 Arena showed that brands no longer sought static advertising within our venues. Simply ‘badging’ buildings with a logo was not enough to achieve the goal of connecting with each customer. Brand Activation represented a desire in companies to place digital, events and social media at the heart of brand activity and, in doing so, replace traditional advertising. This was an approach summed up perfectly by Simon Pestridge of Nike UK, when quoted in his Revolution magazine, ‘We don’t do advertising anymore. We just do cool stuff’. Read more...

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