Exclusive: Dom Reilly Looks to Generate 'brand awareness' for Start-up with Williams Deal

Thursday, 11 April 2013

WilliamsF12Dom Reilly recently announced partnership with Williams F1 will help with 'brand awareness' that is crucial for the start-up company according to Founder and CEO, Dominic Reilly.

Williams revealed a partnership that will see Dom Reilly's travel accessories being used by the team during the season.

Dominic Reilly believes this partnership is critical for the brand to progress which began its operations only last year.

"As a start up brand, it is imperative that I generate brand awareness. Not Just awareness of the name and the logo but an understanding of what the brand represents," he told iSportconnect exclusively.

"There are many brands that chose to partner with an F1 team because it is glamourous and has a premium image. However often there isn't any real legitimacy in the partnership. My brand literally has its origins in Formula One."

The former Williams head of marketing also suggested it was an obvious choice for his brand to partner with the F1 team.

"The idea came from the years of travel that I undertook on behalf of the Williams F1 team. It was therefore obvious for me to seek a partnership with them. There is no finer proof point for travel accesories that within an F1 team who travel over 70,000 Kms Per annum. There is an authenticity to my story and that of the Dom Reilly brand so I intend to leverage that with a proactive PR campaign," he added.

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