Andrew Hooks - Head of Motors, eBay exclusive interview

Monday, 08 April 2013


Andrew Hooks joined eBay as Head of Motors in 2009 and has been with the company for the past four years.

He previously spent nearly five years at Capital One, first as a Business Analyst in 2002 and then a Strategy Consultant in 2005.

Before joining eBay, Andrew worked as a Consultant for Marakon Associates, joining in 2007 and leaving for eBay in 2009.

Andrew was educated at the University of Bristol, where he studied Geographical Science.

By Ismail Uddin

You’ve worked for Capital One and Marakon in the past. How easy was it to transition into working for eBay?

Not as different as you might expect. It’s obviously a different industry, going from backing and strategy consulting into e-commerce, or an automotive slant on e-commerce, which has been a common theme through my time here at eBay.

Actually, the culture is not so different, as you might expect. There are an awful lot of people who’ve made similar moves across from those sorts of sectors, especially consulting, to eBay.

It’s a great place to work - very friendly, down-to-earth people, it’s a great place to be.

What are the different aspects of your role at eBay?

My main responsibilities are to look after what we call the hard goods verticals and I appreciate that doesn’t mean very much to anybody outside of these four walls, but essentially it means our electronics business and our automotive business.

My responsibility is to deliver the business results for those areas of the site and that can entail making sure that we’ve got the right stuff on the site, so the things people want to buy and the right prices, that we put those offers in front of people at the right stage of the buying flow, that we have the right experience when they land on the site and that we do the right things to engage with our customers  both online and offline, hence things like the British Touring Cars.

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