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Sophie Morris
Hi Matt,

Thank you for reading the article and for your comment. The data we see here of UK participation shows us that there is always a spike after the Olympics (the survey is in October each year) but that drops off the year afterwards.

What we want to see (and work with Governing Bodies to achieve) is continued growth throughout the Olympic 4 year cycle.

A 49% increase in searches is fantastic. The important thing is to ensure that the interest from that spike is captured, along with the data required to correctly profile the individual and understand their needs. 'Customer' pathways need to be built to deliver relevant communications to convert the interest into participation and maintain the relationship so that you know for sure whether they go on to join a team or not.

265 days ago
Matt Farrell
At USA Swimming we are strong believers in the impact of "Olympic Fever." The past three Olympic Games we have seen membership spikes ranging from 7-13% when a non-Olympic year might be 0-2%. For Rio 2016 we saw a 49% increase in searches for swim teams on our site from 2015, so we hope many of those go on to join teams!
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