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Paola Vercesi
Besides the enjoyment of each and every moment of genuine sportmanship that the only the Olympics can offer (and not so generously, unfortunately), for the first time this year I watched the Games through the lens of Data.

It was a unique experience, which gave me plenty of insights to measure and explain athletes and teams' performance:
I hope the next 4-year Olympiad will grant me the opportunity to train intensively at sports analytics and be fit for Tokyo 2020.
259 days ago
Prof Uğur Erdener
Archery was a success at Rio 2016 and we had the samba feeling at our venue. The performance of the athletes created exiting matches, early broadcast viewing figures are extremely positive and the feedback from our stakeholders was excellent. The key things were that the athletes gave positive feedback and that the TV images looked great thanks to the excellent work of OBS.

We had the first world record of the Olympics, thanks to Kim Woojin, record-high viewers in Germany, France and Korea, and four of the five Olympic continents walked away with medals.

263 days ago
Michael Cole
Being at the Games in Rio for the Olympics (and again shortly for the Paralympics - so not quite at the end of Rio2016 yet), this was a Games for the athletes, and people from around the globe watching on TV ... sadly it wasn't a Games for the people of the Brazil, not really.

I was at the live site in the Olympic Boulevard, when Brazil ladies played in the football semi-final, and yes, it was the amazing samba atmosphere you'd expect from the wonderful cariocas of Rio, simialry too in venues for Handball, Rowing and BVB that I attended, but when Brazil were not competing, venues and live sites were well under-utilised, Look and Feel was vritually not-existent, sponsor activiations were disappointing and counterfeit goods were commonplace. Operations back-of-house were clearly being held together, limited by the well publicised budget constraints.

For me, Rio will be remembered for a Games that succeeded in the field of play, amazing TV coverage and some wonderful Olympic Houses.

But lets not close the book yet, we have the Paralympic Games still to go ....
265 days ago
Jonathan Coates
For the first time, UIPM sent a media team to cover Modern Pentathlon's Olympic programme at Rio 2016. For me, as a former Olympic Games newspaper journalist now working in communications, I was able to see how much work is put in behind the scenes by a relatively small International Federation team, and it was a real eye-opener.

The complexity of the Modern Pentathlon event (different venues, different equipment, horses as well as humans) demands experienced personnel and yet UIPM was able to use its staff resources for content gathering, venue preparation and dressing and media management as well as event supervision in conjunction with the Rio 2016 Local Organizing Committee and the IOC.

I found myself working with amazingly diligent and dedicated people, and it was a privilege to promote one of the original Olympic sports in tandem with them. Modern Pentathlon drew healthy crowds, the six medals were shared between six countries and three continents, and on social media the explosion of good content - including spectacular images taken by our in-house photographer - meant we were able to satisfy the needs of our global fanbase as well as attracting a new audience to this progressive and upwardly mobile sport.
266 days ago
Peter Thompson
Visually stunning and outstanding performances created a memorable Games, but the attendance was an issue that can't be glossed over. It looks like it will be an even bigger for the Paralympics.
271 days ago
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